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Lt. Pleasant M. Parker

(Pleasant Madison "P. M." Parker married his step aunt, Rachel Phillips, since she is the sister of Nancy Phillips. Nancy is the step mother of Pleasant M. Parker. Nancy is the wife of John R. Parker - father of Pleasant M. Meanwhile, their brother William Phillips (Phillips, William ) married Nancy Parker (Parker, Nancy ), daughter of Solomon Parker (Parker, Solomon). Solomon is the brother of John R. Parker. Pleasant M. "PM" Parker, is not to be confused with his uncle, Pleasant) 

Pleasant Madison Parker is recorded on muster records for Company G, 62nd North Carolina Infantry (Regiment)  - Jackson County - Captain, A.D. Hooper; D.F Brown, First Lieutenant; B.N. Queen; Second Lieutenant, Pleasant M. Parker.
Walter Clark's Regiments: An Extended Index to the Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War 1861-1865: By Charles C. Davis: Page 345, Parker, M. Pleasant, IV: 701 and Parker, P. M., (2nd Lt, Co G, 62nd NCST), III: 516.
According to North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 A Roster, by Weymouth T. Jordan, Jr., Vol. XV Infantry, 62NC, 64th, 66th, 67th, 68th Regiments, Raleigh North Carolina Office of Archives and History dated 2003, page 101, it has the following list of events for Pleasant M. Parker (born 1829): "Parker, Pleasant M., 3rd Lieutenant";  "Enlisted in Jackson County at age 33;  Appointed 3rd Lieutenant on July 14, 1862;  Reported present and accounted for through June 30, 1863; Captured at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, September 9, 1863; Transported to Louisville, Kentucky; Confined at Johnson's Island, Ohio, September 25, 1863; Transferred to Point Lookout, Maryland, March 21, 1865; Confined at Fort Delaware, Delaware, April 28, 1865. Released at Fort Delaware on June 12, 1865, after taking the Oath of Allegiance."
P. M. Parker was also a minister.

Name: Pleasant Madison "Pless" Parker
Gender: Male
Birth: ABT 1829 in Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: 28 DEC 1885 Jackson Co., N.C.
Burial: Balsam Grove Baptist cemetery, Caney Fork, Jackson Co., N.C.
Event: Fact, 16 APR 1862 Confederate Conscription Act
Birth: ABT 19 AUG.1829 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death:  28 DEC 1885 Jackson Co., N.C.
            Father: Parker, John R.
Marriage: 24 MAR 1851 in Haywood Co., N.C.
            Phillips, Rachel 
            Birth: 11 APR 1832 Haywood Co., N.C.
            Death: 31 JUL 1903 Jackson Co., N.C.
            Buried: AFT 31 JUL1903 
            Balsam Grove Baptist Cemetery
            Caney Fork Jackson Co N.C.
            Gender: Female
                         Father: Phillips, Daniel
                         Birth: ABT 1788 in S.C. 
Farris, Ruth
                         Birth: ABT 1791 in S.C.

Parker, John Nelson (Married his second cousin - Martha Jane Parker - Parker, Martha Jane)
Parker, Catherine Ruth
Parker, Mary Haseltine
Parker, Henry M.
Birth: 17 SEP 1860 Jackson Co., N.C.
Death: 29 MAY 1875 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Parker, William Matt
Parker, Daniel Lewis
Parker, Thomas Herschel
Parker, Samuel L.
Parker, Rosa Lee
Parker, Benjamin Columbus

 Camp Douglas, the North's Andersonville

The records reflect at least 442 men of the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment were prisoners at Camp Douglas. At least 4275 Confederate Soldiers died during their internment at Camp Douglas... Some estimates place the death toll over 6,000.  More Confederate Soldiers died at Camp Douglas than at any Union Prisoner of War Camp.

Civil War Muster Records:
Parker, Pleasant; Parker, Plasan M.; and Parker, Pleasant M. He is recorded in Ezekiel A. Brown's diary of the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment, B. G. McDowell's diary, and muster records of the 62nd North Carolina Regiment, and numerous Official Civil War records and documents.

Civil War Regiments of Western North Carolina
The Civil War Diary of Ezekiel A. Brown
62nd North Carolina Infantry
Jackson County Civil War Soldiers
John Parker married Martha Parker.
Marriage: 19 NOV 1873 in Jackson Co., N.C.
11-19-1873 at PM Parker's John Parker Martha Parker GW Hawkins, JP
William Matt Parker married Martha J. Hooper.
Marriage: 1 SEP 1882 in Jackson Co., N.C.
9-1-1882 "in the road" William M. Parker, 2? Mary J. Hooper, 17 LW Hooper, MG, wit: James Cook, Thad Wood
Samuel L. Parker married Georgiann Brown.
Marriage: 30 SEP 1890 in Jackson Co., N.C. 
9-30-1890 at Caney Fork Samuel Parker, 21 Georgiann Brown, 18 GW Hawkins, JP, wit: JE Hawkins, WH Hooper
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